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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2013 6:30am-7:00am PST

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lot of conversations going on at the state level. the taxi legislation we'll work with chris and her team to make sure we're engaging on those issues as appropriate. moving to the federal side, the mayor is back there this week and director reiskin is also back there this week, really talking about federal prioritis in general. trying to make -- we have been thinking about what matters now? we have our full funding grant agreement and what is our method in washington? one the most important things is to emphasize the continued need for the federal-local partnership. so much of the investment that is made in san francisco for capital projects, the major projects that you have all heard reported about for the last couple of years, those are funded with federal dollars and this is a good year to talk about why that investment matters' with make the case for increased federal investment.
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lastly we are looking at the next aprojection appropriation cycle to make sure that those programs continue to be funded and projects like the central subway are able to secure the appropriate funding levels. thank you item happy to answer questions. tch director ramos? >> thank you kate. i wanted to expressly point out the enhanced protection. i run into those guys regularly, and if you give them just 30 seconds of your time, they have so many stories.
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what some of these guys have gone through is really tragic to hear. so thank you for that. i wanted to see if there was any appropriate time or more appropriate time to address the moving violations questions, the camera on your buses in the dedicated transit lanes and this would have been the appropriate place for it? >> it's a good question. we have -- we were successful last year in getting the camera program reauthorized. and that initiative was always pursued as a parking violation. because pd is really responsible for the moving violations. this fall we had some inquiries from our partners across the bay, ac transit who are starting their own brt program and they are interested in the
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question and looking awhether or not there are other ways to skin the cat, as in maybe those violations are defined as separate and apparent from other types of moving violations. from this agency's perspective, i think we still have a burden of proof, frankly to show the success of the forward-facing camera program and given that we have to go back to the legislature in march of 2015, that is probably the best time to make our case. >> okay. >> and so that is really where we are at with that. >> i asked the question mostly because one of the things that i really, really detest about our service is the way we have to wrap our vehicles. i think it's so tacky. it's blight now. it's gotten to the level it's a moving billboard. i know there is a lost lot of revenue there, but not only is it unsightly for everyone who has to see those, but it's
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really is degrading to climb on those vehicles and have your sunlight take away. i understands the vehicles, but at least the vehicle themselves. so people are panicked and getting on the wrong vehicles sometimes. so whatever we can do to get away from that revenue system and to better revenues i think we're on the right track. >> other members of the board? director brinkman? >> on 6 we have it noted that we'll review opportunities for pilot programs. i know the speed cameras are in the pedestrian strategy, which i believe we're going to be discussing at the workshop. so
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that would probably be a good time for us to get into that a little more. we have had success at masonic with the left-turn camera and we'll get at market and octavia a right-turn? >> any turn. >> any right turn on this freeway. i just think if we're going to pursue a pilot opportunity for speed cameras i would like to see us aim a little higher. i think that is something that we'd have to have a discussion as a board, not just in school zones. it's great. we have got the 50 miles per hour speed limits in the school zones. i would love to see that 5 miles 15 miles per hour speed limit enforced by cameras and keep not just the kids, but every other citizen safe from speeding cars by maybe consider expanding that to haves with bike and pedestrian trafficks,
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libraries, parks, streets around parks. so if this is a good opportunity to pursue this pilot program that we really go for a program that shows safety. as we see as we look at pedestrian strategy program, we have a ways to go in pedestrian safety and so many of our incidents are simply cars violating the pedestrian right-of-way, whether it's turning through a crosswalk or on their cell phone or texting and just not seeing somebody. so i think it's a good opportunity for us to aim higher on that one. >> that one is waiting for more input and it's a place holder and we'll take your direction. >> thank you. good report. this is a really good update. thank you, i really appreciate it. >> do you know where it stands with the caltrain joint powers board looking at some kind of a measure that will provide fixed funding for it?
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>> the latest a lot of caltrain work is being managed through the mayor's office and we're working very closely on transportation issue, more closely than ever with the mayor's office. silicon valley leadership group had launched that effort. >> with the three counties. >> right. >> if something came along, it wouldn't preclude us from being involved with that. >> i have some insights on your question. >> i would love to hear your insights >> two points. the city is looking at the fact at the whole study going on with caltrans revenue. your specific question, caltrans did a poll of sales
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tax in that area and so now they are rethinking what they are going to be doing. they did do a poll of possible sales tax . >> that is where it comes state and federal funding. so they are looking for some kind of local thing and that would be very difficult in the three counties, because the three counties look at it very differently. thanks. anybody else? anything? thank you very much. >> mr. chairman, no members indicated that they are interested in addressing you on this matter. so it's before you for agency. >> each we have a motion on this to support? >> so moved. >> second. >> any discussion? all those in favor, say aye? >> aye. >> item 14 authorizing the director to enact a small business enterprise bonding and financial assistance program on
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federally-assisted contracts including establishing a surety bond reserve fund and obtaining a letter of credit or alternate collateral for small business enterprises on the federally-assisted contract grams i'm virginia harmon and i manage the small business enterprise program. one of the greatest barriers to small business bidding on public works construction contracts is an inability to access the surety bond market. disparity studis have regularly demonstrated that it limits access to both the credit and capital markets of as part of our ongoing effort to provide a level playing field, we're seeking permission to assist some business ms. obtaining bid and permission bonds with the intended purpose of increasing competition on our contracts, which should save us money and increase their capacity and successfully bid and complete city projects.
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the city's program has had a great deal of success in helping local businesses bid city contracts. bid bonds have been obtained on more than $200 million during the life of the program. unfortunately we can't tap in the program for federal-funded projects. costs associated with establishing the program are relatively small. including obtaining a letter of credit and consultant to administer the program. i want to emphasize that the bond fund reserve monies are only actually expended in the event of a default. the city has an excellent track record in that regard. only one default has occurred in the course of the 15-year program and costing approximately $125,000. this effort is particularly
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important to the small business community at this time as we have the central subways station contract and attempting to remove as many barriers apossible to ensure successful sbe participation. we ask the board to authorize the program that mirrors the city's program. i would be happy to answer questions >> thank you, miss harmon. any members of the board? any members of the public? >> no members of the public are here to address this matter. >> a motion, and second. all those in favor, say aye (? >> aye. >> please go back to 10.1. is that right, the only thing before the closed session? i would entertain a motion to approve this. >> move to approve. >> second. >> all those in favor, say aye i-aye. >> closed session. >> directors it would be appropriate to consider whether
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to conduct a closed session and invoke the attorney-client privilege. >> yes. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we'll take a short break. >> we'll take the time to put the room into closed session. >> there are videos to every moment can be captured on film. there we go. announcement of closed session, the sfmta board of directors met in closed session to discuss matters with the [kr-frp/] and the board of directors voted unanimously to settle the cases and also discussed the cases, but too no action. the board held a conference with the real property negotiator, but took no agency. directors would it be appropriate to disclose or not
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disclose? >> not disclose? >> second. >> any further discussion? all those in favor, say aye? >> aye. >> we'll remind you that we're adjourning in the memory of a long-term employee of the transit division. >> we'll be meeting next on the 29th. happy new year everybody.
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